Monday, November 14, 2011

Drum Circles

Have you ever heard about Drum Circles and don’t quite know what to expect? It really is a great way to get rid of the stress of the day.
From…………Drum circles are happening in many places. This demonstrates the importance of establishing a rhythmaculture in our Western world. People attend these events not to become better percussionists, but to reduce stress, build community, and have fun. It is a recreational activity that engages the mind, body, and spirit. Arthur Hull, father of the modern day drum circle, developed his unique approach to facilitating drum circles in the 1980s through an observation of the need that extended beyond percussion skill development. According to Arthur, "when we drum together, it changes our relationships and helps us cope with whatever challenges life hands us."
There was a medical study done that shows Drum circles can boost the immune system! According to Dr. Bittman, “Group drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity, and enables healing to begin… When our hands connect with a drum that vibrates with our energy, vitality…and unity, we become whole again.”
Here is also a little information from the book Sacred Space…….
Drums carry the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Drums carry the spirit of life. There is an ancient saying that says, “The sun and the moon are the drumsticks playing upon Earth, bringing harmony and peace to all the Earth’s children”. The vibration of the drum is so powerful that it instantly gets energy flowing. Drums can carry you to the stars and return you to your roots.
Different drumbeats are used for different purposes. A very good drumbeat to start out with is a two-beat rhythm. This perhaps the most primal sound known to human beings. It is what you first heard when you were in the womb. This sound is the aligning and balancing of the two opposing yet harmonious forces in the universe, the yin and the yang - male and female.
The best drumming is when you get out of the way and allow yourself to be drummed - allowing a natural drumbeat to move through you. The less you think about the right drumbeat, the more the rhythmic surges from the universe can move through you.
For those if you that live in Las Vegas, I facilitate a wonderful meditative drumming circle at . I would love to see you at one of our circles. I also offer private Reiki healing sessions. Namaste…..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Valentines Day Gift of Essential Oils!

 "For you and your "Soul Mate" to share this Valentine's Day, Or any day of your Life together!     
       "For the Lover’s Soul” Essential Oils Kit
Jasmine - "Yin" or Female Energy. Known as "Moonlight of the Grove" for its aphrodisiac like fragrance. This oil symbolizes Hope, Happiness and Love. Helps with tension, pain relief, energy, euphoria and optimism.
Sandalwood - "Yang" or Male Energy. Awakens the "life force energy. Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressant, Calming, Considered by many as a Sacred Oil.
Bergamot - Aids in relieving agitation, depression, anxiety, stress and tension
Rose Geranium - Consoling, balancing, stability, mothering, healing, comforting
Ylang Ylang - Self Confidence, uplifting, sensual, euphoric, stimulating, joyful, enthusiastic, balance.

Allow yourselves the experience of these oils to flood your senses!
$65.00 + S&H
For more information contact:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A very Special set of Offerings from The Center Of Power!

Three Special Gifts For you and your friends for the Mind/Body/Spirit.

Our Wonderful Starter Kit! With the 5 must have essential oils!
5-5ml bottles:
1) A choice of Lemon, Orange, or Grapefruit.
2) Eucalyptus
3) Tea Tree (The 1st aid Oil!)
4) Peppermint
5) Lavender THE Must have Essential Oil!
A wonderful value at $29.95

Or for a “Luxurious Gift” For that someone Special…                                                                                                                                  
A Lavender Milk Bath!

With Lavender and Pettegrain Essential Oils
Dead Sea Salt
Epsom Salts
And more to take away any aches from your day and leave you feeling ready for what comes your way next!
Just $12.00
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

From the moment Man learned of Essential Oils, the most popular and prescribed oils for calming and healing has been Lavender. Along the way the method of using it evolved to a Bath soak! With the change came additions to the bath that have enhanced this ritual.
Here then is a recipe that is for the rejuvenation of the Body/Mind/Spirit.
Lavender Bath Milk

To make a soothing and relaxing Lavender Milk Bath;
Mix these ingredients together and let them meld while you draw a tub of warm, steamy water:
1/2 cup Dead sea salts
1/2 cup Epsom salts*
8 drops Pure Bulgarian Lavender essential oil
4 drops Petitgrain essential oil
1 cup powdered milk
1/4 cup Lavender buds
1/4 cup baking soda
5 drops Jojoba oil
Stir around and soak. Enjoy with candlelight and some relaxing music.

If you would rather just purchase, pour, and heal…
You can order this Sumptuous Bath Milk from The Center Of Power Store
For essential oils or,
contact us for information on purchasing this at 

**epsom salts contain magnesium to soothe and relax muscles
***try filling the tub with hotter water than you would normally use and letting it sit for 15 minutes to cool and allow some of the chlorine to evaporate before your soak
****after your bath you may want to leave the water in the tub for an hour or so to continue to enjoy the relaxing lavender scent in your home
Skin Treatment Guide
The best skin disease treatment guide to know the basics of skin, natural skin care tips, skin treatment and acne prevention. Learn more effective and safer ways to treat skin conditions than medical drugs.Essential Oils

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Special Essential Oil Blends for the Holidays

Some of the blends available are;
“Joy and Blessings" Blending Oils including, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and Jasmine. Helping to bring back Loving memories, of Being Held, Being Loved and Sharing
"Abundance" A blend that contains the scents of Frankincense, Patchouli, Orange, Clove, Ginger and spruce. To help bring prosperity, abundance and health to everyone during this time of year and all year ‘round!
“Gathering” A blend of Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce and Myrrh to bring on a sense of Grounding, and a sense of uplifting emotions.Citrus Fresh” A Beautiful blend of Oils to help kill airborne bacteria!
And some “Peace and Calming” to round out a Kit! This blend combines oils such as Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli to reduce tension, anxiety and stress common during the Holiday season. Helping instead to promote relaxation and peace!
All very appropriate for the Winter as well as all year 'round

“Evergreen Blend”! A combination of Pine, Spruce and Fir to truly give the scent of The Great Outdoors! Wherever you live, It can bring that aura into your home! They not only fill the house with the feeling of being in nature, these Oils also bring health to you and your Family!
Use them in one of our diffusers to spread the Health and Love to your entire Family and all of your Loved ones this season!
You can purchase a special kit of Oils that contain any three mentioned above for $20

Or various sizes of any of these oils.
Or you can special order a kit!

Prices vary upon your specially requested Oils!
Contact us today for more information at: or call us @ 702-533-3907.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Garden Universe, Vibrates Completely

It’s true, Everything that exists has a measurable vibration. On our planet we measure vibrations with all kinds of devices. Just for instance, an earthquake (Vibration) is measured on “Richter scale” and down to the vibration we call electricity we measure in “Kilowatts” Our voices are the creation of vibrations coming off of the vocal chords. We can all feel even the smallest vibrations that lie at our fingertips.
Our body and mind are also sources that vibrate. There is a measurement “Megahertz” or (Mhz) that help define the health of our system as well. A healthy brain for example vibrates between 72-90 Mhz as the Human body also when healthy vibrates between 62-68 Mhz.
Studies have shown that illness begins to appear when the vibrations become lower, for instance Cold symptoms can begin to show at about 58 Mhz and the Flu follows directly beneath at 57 Mhz. Other severe “body” ailments come along when the vibrations fall below, at 42 Mhz Cancer can begin to develop. And “Death” of the body has shown to begin at 25 Mhz.
Here are some oils with wonderful vibrations to not only lift your mood but most likely your vibration and well being!
Essential Oils have been tested as well, and their frequencies (Since they are “living oils as compared to “laboratory” Oils or medicines.) range between 52 Mhz and 320 Mhz. Depending on symptoms certain oils can assist you in remedies by simply raising your vibration level!
And each of our Energy Centers (Chakra’s) Have a Vibration level that they run with premium efficiency at.
Lavender, The “mother of essential oils for instance finds use in several of the centers such as the Heart and Throat and measures at a frequency of 118 Mhz.
As you progress up the Chakra centers each has a corresponding group of oils that match the centers own vibrations. By using them one can help each corresponding center also.
Patchouli, For instance is one oil suggested for the Base or Root Chakra and is shown to have a frequency of 108 Mhz. It helps in staving off colds and flu’s as well as other infectious and inflammatory conditions.
And at the top of the Scale?
ROSE Oil It shows a vibration or frequency level to be at 320Mhz! At this level, one is at almost four times the highest recorded frequency of our Mind. A helpful oil to aid in one’s quest for happiness and the manifestation of their dreams through the “Crown Chakra”
There are oils that can be blended together for all types of illness as well! We figured you knew about the many “Antibiotic” and “anti-infectious” properties of Essential Oils. We thought maybe we would show the connection between their Vibrations and Yours and well, the “Universe” as well!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Awesome Summer “Cool Aid”!

Some delicious recipes that find their way from the islands (Hawaiian) are just too good not to share. Here is one that we felt was in that category!

“Pineapple Ice” It's HOT! Cool down with a delicious treat that also aids digestion and so much more.

Made with fresh White Pineapple

Cut up a pineapple - if you have a vitamix blender you can include the core. When things are frozen, your taste buds freeze and everything becomes a bit bland so add some maple syrup, agave or your sweetener of choice and ice - blend and eat w/ a spoon or put in "pops" for a frozen treat anytime! You can sneak in some nutritious Chlorella and make a bright green tropical snack.

A simple and wonderful snack to share with loved ones by the pool, indoors, or by the tub!

Put this on your list of “I have to try this” items for your summer.

Pineapple is Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

The obvious benefits of pineapple are all the vitamins and minerals the fruit is loaded with. Its nutrients include calcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. In addition it is low in fat and cholesterol.

Pineapple Strengthens Bones

One of the benefits of pineapple is that it helps to build healthy bones. Pineapples are rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is needed for your body to build bone and connective tissues. Just one cup of pineapple provides 73% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. The benefits of pineapple can affect the growth of bones in young people and the strengthening of bones in older people.

Pineapple is Good for Colds and Coughs

While many people often take extra vitamin C or drink extra orange juice when they have a cold, few consider eating pineapple. The benefits of pineapple when you have a cold or cough are the same as the benefits of orange juice, but there is an additional benefit of pineapple. Bromelain, which is found in pineapples, has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus.

And Healthy Too!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Essential Oils for the Summertime "bug"

Summer is just around the corner!
Summer is upon us and with it… Bugs!
Wait a moment! It isn’t that bad really. The insects that sometimes do bug us are here for a reason. We know that! So we need to find a way to allow them to do what it is they are here on Gaia to do while we can enjoy our summer without the trouble of dealing with them as well!
A couple of Essential Oils that you want to have with you during these months especially are Citronella and Cajuput (Tea Tree) oils.
Besides having the wonderful health benefits that all Essential Oils, these two in particular are wonderful insect repellants as well! Nature’s Natural way to keep them at bay!
Citronella is of the Botanical family Gramineae (grasses) Properties: Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Deodorant and Other helps with Colds, Fatigue, Headaches, Migraine, Minor Infections, Neuralgia, can be used as an antiseptic to sanitize and deodorize surfaces where food has been prepared. It also has been shown to aid in calming barking dogs. Body Systems affected: Muscles and Bone, Skin Aromatic Influence: May help increase the heart rate. Blend Classification: Personifier Odor: Type: Top Note; Scent: Citrusy, slightly fruity, fresh, sweet. Intensity: 3.

The Cajeput variety of Tea Tree is of the Botanical family: Myrtaceae (myrtle shrubs and trees) Properties: Anti-catarrhal, Anti-infectious, Anti-microbial, Anti-neuralgic, Antiseptic, Helps with acne, arthritis, asthma, olds, cystitis. Flu, hay fever, headaches, infections, stiff joints, laryngitis, pneumonia, respiratory infections, rheumatism, sinusitis, skin (oily and spots) sore throat, toothache, and viral infections. Blend classification: Enhancer Odor type: Top Note.

One of our Special Blends
“Purification” As well contains these same Oils along with some other very special oils to give you more than just the qualities of the single oils
The individual oils in this blend: Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Citronella, and Tea Tree have some very powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and sanitizing properties. It is very useful for killing odors and their bacteria, molds and fungus in the air. Odors such as mildew, cigarette smoke as well as other noxious odors. It repels bugs, and insects. It is beneficial in neutralizing poison from insect bites such as spiders, bees, hornets and wasps. It is an excellent oil for 1st aid in sterilizing wounds and cuts.
Visit our Store for orders and more of our Oils and Blends and… Here

DISCLAIMER: Purchase of these items affirms that customer accepts all responsibility for proper and appropriate use of essential oils. For use in skin preparations only. Ingestion of essential oils is at the discretion of the individual and should be done only under the guidance of a fully qualified practitioner.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Dandy (Blend) Dessert!

Are you looking for something that can help you kick the coffee habit? Or maybe to help cleanse your system? Well, we have just that something!
Dandy Blend
And with warmer tempuratures just around the corner and summer picnics, and well DESSERTS!
We wanted to pass a recipe along that will be the hit of any picnic or dinner inside for that matter. And it includes Dandy Blend in the recipe!

Dandy Tiaramisu
1 large pound cake (or two small cakes)
1 cup whipping cream
2 Tablespoons Dandy Blend
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup Amaretto or 2 teaspoons almond extract
3 oz. vanilla pudding. (prepared according to package directions)
Shaved chocolate, optional.
Slice pound cake and set aside.
Whip cream and keep chilled.
Dissolve Dandy Blend and sugar in hot water.
Cool and stir in Amaretto or almond extract.
In a medium clear bowl, place a layer of cake slices.
Cover with a layer of whipped cream, and drizzle with some of the Dandy Blend Mixture.
Spoon over some of the pudding.
Repeat layers until ingredients are used up, saving one cup of the whipped cream topping for the top. Spread reserved whipped cream on the Tiaramisu.
Cover and chill until ready to serve.
Garnish with shaves chocolate, if desired!
Just what the Doctor ordered! :)
Look for our offer here:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lentil Tacos

Thank you Constance Griffin Ohlsen, these were WONDERFUL! A neighbor helped us bring the chickens over and deliver our trash to the transfer station. We invited him for supper and he’s a vegetarian. I immediately thought back to a Facebook Conversation that Constance was having with Susan Hegstrom. I think these were the best tacos I’ve ever made. We had them again the next time. Here’s the recipe.

Lentil Tacos
1 cup finely chopped onion
            1 garlic clove, minced
            1 teaspoon coconut oil
            1 cup dried lentils, rinsed – soaked if possible
            1 tablespoon chili powder (left that out for India)
            2 teaspoons ground cumin
            1 teaspoon dried oregano
            2 1/2 cups Vegetable or chicken broth
            1 cup salsa
            12 taco shells
            1 1/2 cups shredded lettuce
            1 cup chopped fresh tomato
            1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
            6 tablespoons Plain Kefir or Cultured Sour Cream

In a large nonstick skillet, sauté the onion and garlic in oil until tender. Add the lentils, chili powder, cumin and oregano; cook and stir for 1 minute. Add broth; bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 25-30 minutes or until the lentils are tender. Uncover; cook for 6-8 minutes or until mixture is thickened. Mash lentils slightly.
Stir in salsa or leave for the top. Spoon about 1/4 cup lentil mixture into each taco shell. Top with lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tropical "Coffee" Smoothie

This recipe is for a sweet friend that must give up coffee. There are all kinds of reasons to do so, and some really great tools to help. When I gave up coffee I craved the cream. I wasn't drinking black tea either, so I had nothing to put my 1/2 and 1/2 in. My massage therapist sent me a sample and I've been hooked ever since.  There are SOOOO many health benefits to this product, but I LOVE that I can drink it at night and sleep like a baby and I also LOVE that I can drink it all day long with my 4 year old daughter and know that it's good for both of us! 

The secret ingredient is a roasted dandilion and chicory combination called:  Dandy Blend

Tropical "Coffee" Smoothie
6 - 8 oz of a good probiotic yogurt
1 ripe banana - more if you like
1/2 C coconut milk (or any milk of your choice)
1 - 2 t Dandyblend, according to your taste (coffee vs. esspresso strength)
0 - 2 T sweetener of your choice (recommendations: pinch of stevia powder, agave, honey, maple syrup, evaporated cane sugar)

You can just blend this together or add some ice, or to kick it up a notch, freeze the banana and put the milk in an ice cube tray (I always have a tray of coconut cubes in my freezer - makes the BEST fruit smoothies).

Here's to you and your release from coffee!

Here's Prudy's blog:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Essential Oils: 101

What They Are And What They Can Do For You!

Educate yourself on how to make non-toxic cleaning products, a first-aid kit that REALLY works and change your mood with Essential Oils. They are very pleasant to work with and amazingly powerful. Learn about their Esoteric and Historic uses as well! Come check out what the rage of Aromatherapy is all about - you might just get hooked!

$10.00 per person
Individual Oils or Starter kits available at the Class.

Please go to: to register for this class.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A friend’s recipe

I have reconnected with a childhood friend through Facebook. When we first met, she had just been potty trained and I was maybe 5. She just sent me this wonderful recipe for “fudge” that her mother used to make when she was young. It brings back fond memories for her everytime she eats it. I have been craving fudge, but not really wanting to make it and not finding it in the stores anywhere. I open my email yesterday and find this recipe from her. I love the name!

“When we lived in Arizona while I was in 4th and 5th grades.  My mom was on a health kick, we drank raw milk, ate wheat germ on everything, had only carob in place of chocolate.  I remember her making this recipe.  I just made it over christmas while my dad was here, it tasted just like I remembered!  But since Sophie is so bad with peanuts I'll probably never make it again.”

Super Fudge
1 C honey
1 C chunky peanut butter
1 C sunflower seeds, raw
1/2 C raisins
3/4 C carob powder
1 C sesame seeds
1 C unsweetened coconut

Heat honey and peanut butter, quickly add rest of ingredients which have been mixed together.  Pour into greased 9 x 9 pan and chill.  Cut into pieces.
I kept mine in the fridge.

Those of you that know me, or have read my entire blog, know that I don’t usually plan ahead. There is no going to the store to buy the ingredients for any recipe. I try to keep on hand everything I would need to make almost anything. If I don’t have it, I find a substitute. This recipe was no exception.

I didn’t have carob, so I used cocoa powder, Prudy said she did the same thing. I didn’t have very many sesame seeds so I used Flax seeds. I used chopped almonds for the sunflower seeds, but I had everything else! Yeah!!!J My raisins were golden and they were wonderful inside, they have a little tang that is so yummy.

I didn’t really measure the peanut butter or honey, as I didn’t want to have to clean that measuring cup; so I just used a spoon. It wasn’t as sweet as I would have liked, so I think I needed more honey.

I LOVE it! The coconut, flax seed and almonds are so crunchy and the raisins add a nice sweetness, maybe I should have added more raisins – I didn’t measure those either.
I think this is a great “dump and pour” as well as “clean out the pantry” recipe. You can add as much or little as you like, as long as you have enough honey (or maple, brown rice syrup, agave or whatever sweetener you like) and peanut butter (sunflower butter, almond butter – whatever butter you like – Prudy, use a different “butter.” Sunflower seed butter isn’t even from nuts! J) to hold it together. Use your favorite nuts and dried fruits and seeds, or whatever you have on hand.

It is sweeter if it's out on the counter as opposed to cold in the fridge.
Healthy AND yummy and pretty guilt free!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Natural Tooth Paste

I ABSOLUTELY love my new toothpaste. My “Tom’s of Maine” was in the trash before it was even finished. (I'm not even going to go into all the things that are in toothpaste that we don't want inside our bodies, I'm sure we've all heard the stories.) I LOVE how clean my teeth feel after brushing, sooooo much cleaner than any tooth paste except Arm and Hammer’s Baking Soda tooth paste. I believe I was the only one that liked that toothpaste. All my guests were disappointed I didn’t have a paste with foamers in it. Why do we need foaming toothpaste, its not like shampoo? The other think I LOVE about this toothpaste is the taste! I get excited when I think, “Oh, I should brush my teeth, they feel a little dirty.” I am brushing my teeth several times a day, just because I want to.

You may want your paste thicker, sweeter or thinner, so you will need to adjust the recipe according to your tastes. You may even start with ½ the recipe and then complete it when you know how you like it. Some people have put it in travel squeeze bottles or baby jars.

I will give my version of the toothpaste, which you will love, if you like to “dump and pour” like I do! I have also included a version for those of you that like precise measurements. J I ♥ you!

Dump and Pour Recipe
Coconut Oil – if you’re not cooking with this oil yet, stay tuned for some articles about why you may want to start.
Baking Soda
Xylitol (you can use stevia, but Xylitol is REALLY good for you teeth)
Flavoring (optional, I didn’t use any because I LOVE the taste of the coconut oil): Cinnamon powder (natural tooth whitener), mint essential oil (I recommend Winter Green, as it’s the only one that tastes pleasant) or mint extract. You could also use Coconut Extract to enhance that plaver even more.

All Natural Toothpaste
2 T coconut oil (you may want to gently melt it to make it liquid (80 degrees should do it)
1 T Baking soda
1 T Xylitol
Flavoring extract of your choice – optional

You can scoop out a bit and put it on your brush, many say with the antibacterial proporties of the coconut oil, you don’t need to worry about dipping your brush into small batches of the paste. You know what you’re comfortable doing.
I will be adding some more recipes with Essential Oils to combat bacteria, tooth aches, mouth rinses, etc….

Some nice essential oils to try in your toothpaste: Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Lemon, Clove, Lavender, Peppermint, Orange.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Automatic Dishwasher Detergents:

Lavender Lift
2 cups washing soda
2 cups borax
20 drops lavender essential oil

Blend all ingredients together, making sure to incorporate the oil into the powders and store. Use 2 T per load of dishes for a heavenly smelling, natural kitchen for just pennies.

Super Easy 2 cups washing soda
1 cup borax
1 cup baking soda

This stores well, so you can double or triple it. Use 2 T per load and reduce it to 1 ½ T if you find residue on your glasses.

Citrus Sparkle
2 cups washing soda
2 cups borax
6 T citrus acid poweder (also known as “sour salt”)
25 drops grapefruit essential oil

Combine well and store. Use 2 T per load of dishes.

Borax is a combination of water, oxygen, sodium, and boron. It is a powder sold in the laundry aisle of grocery stores. 20 Mule Team is a popular brand.

Washing soda is sodium carbonate, and is also known as soda ash. Arm & Hammer sells it in the laundry aisle.

(Guess I shouldn’t have dropped out of Miss Zerkel’s Chemistry class in High School – who knew how I’d be using chemistry, on the Internet, in a blog or facebook!)

Citrus Acid is available in a powdered form in health food stores; in stores that cater to soap makers as well as home brewers and even vitamin stores.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Helpful Hint for the Bathroom:

To maintain a fresh scent in the bathroom, place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the cardboard tube supporting the toilet paper. Each time the roll is used, the fragrance is released. Reapply as necessary.

Some favorite bathroom scents to try: Rosemary or Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cinnamon. Check out even more here:

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make Your Own Dishwashing Liquid

Do you want to get the chemicals OUT of your house or just bring more natural in? Here’s an easy way to start with wonderful natural ingredients that degrease while lifting your spirits!

Start with Castile Soap:  
A truly luxurient, extra mild and gentle liquid soap made from certified organic ingredients.
No harsh chemicals, additives, colorants, sudsing agents or other ingredients, just pure derivatives from plant sources.
Great for the face, body, as an all purpose wash, and it makes a wonderful base ingredient for your own soaps and shampoos. Enjoy the cleaning power of pure liquid castille soap that suds beautifully, without leaving a residue. It usually contains: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut, Sunflower and Castor oils, Citric Acid, and Rosemary extract.

In a squeeze bottle or pump add castile soap and then essential oils to your taste. (Dilute accoroding to directions if using a concentrate.)  Below are a few suggestions.

Fruity Dishwashing Blend
15 drops of lemon or lemongrass oil
6 drops of lavender oil
5 drops of bergamot oil
Herbal Handwashing blend
10 drops of lavender oil
8 drops of rosemary oil
4 drops of eucalyptus oil

Dishwashing Blues Blend
Try this recipe for an uplifting washing experience
10 drops lemon oil
6 drops of bergamot oil
4 drops of lavender oil
2 drops of grapefruit oil

Looking to build your Essential Oil Arsenal? Check out the link below:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Natural Peels and Facial Masks!

Natural Skin Peels and Natural Alpha Hydroxy
Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) skin care products are easy to make at home because they are made of fruit and other ingredients we may have in the frig or kitchen cupboards.
Fruit acids are great for the skin because they loosen the glue
between dead skin cells, and the cells fall away, leaving the face very
smooth and soft. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to produce fabulous
results for your skin that you would imagine only the most expensive and
sophisticated products you could buy could do. Not only that, but AHAs are
found in fruit and vegetables you may already have in your kitchen or growing
in your garden, so you don?t need to worry about any synthetic chemicals that
may cause harm. The famed beauty Cleopatra unknowingly used the benefit of
AHAs on her skin when she bathed in milk. Try any of the following fruit
acids, but always take care to avoid your eyes. Avoid using these homemade
peels if your skin is sunburned, and before going into the sun.
Malic acid: Apples, vinegar, applesauce, cider

Lactic acid: Buttermilk, yogurt, powdered skim milk, sour cream,
blackberries, tomatoes

Tartaric Acid: Grapes, grape juice, wine, cream of tartar

Citric Acid: Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, and orange

Glycolic acid: Sugar cane

All you need is about one half a teaspoon of liquid per face cleansing. You
can freshly squeeze the juice of one lemon, for example, and refrigerate the
leftovers for the rest of the week. Just dab some of the juice onto your
fingers and pat on your face. Leave on for 10 minutes or so before rinsing.
If you are in a rush, just cut a grape or strawberry in half-whatever you
happen to have on hand-and rub it over your skin; let the juice set for a few
minutes, and then rinse.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Practical uses for your Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is a marvelous creation from Mother Nature that is in need of more respect and is an underrated treasure. It cleans us, protects us, preserves our delicate foods, and so much more. Outlined here are some of the greatest uses for grapefruit seed extract and a list of very simple to administer recipes. GSE is also added to all natural, handmade lotions, balms and creams to help preserve and extend their shelf-life.

Facial Cleanser
Thoroughly splash, or moisten face with water (either cool or warm is fine).
With hands still wet apply 1-2 drops of extract to your fingertips and massage into skin using a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly after use and pat dry. You may notice a minor tingling sensation afterwards. This is the deep cleansing properties of the grapefruit seed extract.

Skin Rinse (For very minor skin irritations)
Dilute extract with water (about 1-2 drops per tablespoon). Apply this solution directly to irritated area of the skin twice daily. If additional irritation continues discontinue immediately and seek the advice of your physician.

Nail Treatment
Dilute extract with water or alcohol (1-3 drops per tablespoon).
Apply this solution directly on the surface of the nail along the cuticle and underneath the front of the nail. Or soak nails twice daily for as long as needed

Scalp Treatment
Add 2-3 drops of extract to each shampooing. Massage into scalp and leave on for a minimum of 2 minutes. Rinse of thoroughly and be cautious not to get in eyes.
This may also be used without shampoo.

Toothbrush Cleaner
Stir 2-4 drops of extract into a glass of water. Immerse toothbrush for 15 minutes. Be sure to rinse toothbrush before using. Change water and remix every 2-3 days.

Fruit and Veggie Wash
Add 20 drops per 32oz bottle of water with sprayer pump. Shake thoroughly and spray on any vegetables, meats, fruits, or poultry. Rinse when done.

Cutting Board Cleaner
Apply 5-10 drops of extract to cutting board and work into entire board with a wet sponge or dishcloth. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse with water before using.

All Purpose Cleaner
Add 15-30 drops of extract to any 32 oz pump sprayer filled with your favorite cleanser or this can be added just to water. Use on all surfaces of the house.

Don't own any GSE? You can easily purchase of a 5 ml bottle for $5, and since a few drops is all you need, it will last a very long time!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Imagine your own Japanese Tea House!


Yes, some take their tea so seriously, they build their own tea house! I, myself would just love to have a tea room. Have you considered making a tea corner? There are ways to create space in our environment for moments of serenity, be it a space for prayer, meditation or a yoga mat or a cozy reading nook. Do you have a few moments at the start or end of your day for reflection? Consider a symbolic mug or beautiful tea cup used especially for a time of gratitude before starting your day or drifting off in blissful sleep. Life moves so quickly, 5 minutes to appreciate it can make it a little sweeter!

We have four new teas in our shop this month:

Nougatine Plum Rouge:
This interesting flavored fruit mélange is fruity, sweet and low in acid with the subtle flavor of sun-ripened plums. An aromatic blend of fruits, almonds, vanilla and lavender blossoms is crowned with a touch of honey and nougat. Enjoy this rich and satisfying drink hot or on the rocks.
Recommendations: Use 1 heaping tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh water to a roaring boil; let steep for 7-10 minutes Ingredients: Apple bits, plum bits w/rice flour as separating agent, rosehip peels, hibiscus, beetroot bits, sliced almonds, grapes, candied almonds, brown sugar, vanilla bits, lavender blossoms, flavoring. Contains nut products.

Health Benefits: Also known as fruit mélanges, fruit blend teas are naturally caffeine-free, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and are best known for their high content of vitamin C. A typical fruit tea may contain a variety of fruit pieces, with one or two predominant fruit flavors. They often contain hibiscus and rose hips that help strengthen the immune system, as they are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, K, E and beta-carotene.
Green Tea Paradise:
Sencha flavored with a heavenly blend of forest fruits for a delightful strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb taste. Try it on ice!

Recommendations: Use 1 heaping tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh water until steam rises (180º F); let steep for 1 min.
Ingredients: Green tea, flavoring, blue mallow blossoms, rhubarb bits, red currantsHealth Benefits: In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, practitioners have used green tea as a stimulant, diuretic, digestion aid and astringent. Studies show that green tea has the ability to regulate blood glucose, enhance mental performance, reduce inflammation, improve bone mineral density and lower risk of heart disease. It is a rich source of the polyphenol EGCG, shown to provide protection against cancer, particularly colon, lung and skin cancers.
China Pu Erh Bold Leaf, Organic:
In response to the growing demand for Pu-Erh tea, we have added this loose leaf variety from the Chinese Yunnan province. It is light and has a mild, flowery-earthy flavor.

Recommendations: Use 1 heaping tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh cold water to a roaring boil; let steep for 5 min. Try with some milk.
Ingredients: Pu Erh tea 

Health benefits: In China, Pu-erh tea is valued for its unique taste and proven health benefits. By aiding digestion (particularly of fatty foods), Pu-erh is the perfect tea after a heavy meal. Studies suggest that the tea increases the drinker's metabolism, thereby facilitating weight loss. Long-term consumption of Pu-erh tea is believed to help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and play an important role in preventing heart disease and cancer.

Japan Genmai-cha:
Genmai-cha, a Japanese specialty, stands for "brown rice tea". Green tea is blended with roasted, partially puffed rice giving it a "toasty" flavor. The quality of Genmai-cha varies widely depending on the base tea used. While most Genmai-cha sold in this country is based on larger leaf Bancha, this specific grade consists of a blend of Sencha and fine Bancha, making it very fragrant and aromatic. Genmai-cha is lower in caffeine than other green teas.

Recommendations: Use 1 heaping tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh, cold water until steam rises (180° F); let steep for 1-2 min.
Ingredients: Green tea, roasted and popped rice
Health Benefits: In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, practitioners have used green tea as a stimulant, diuretic, digestion aid and astringent. Studies show that green tea has the ability to regulate blood glucose, enhance mental performance, reduce inflammation, improve bone mineral density and lower risk of heart disease. It is a rich source of the polyphenol EGCG, shown to provide protection against cancer, particularly colon, lung and skin cancers.
Parisienne Soiree:
The newest member of our Earl Grey blends, Parisienne Soiree will draw you in with its unique aroma and blend of flavors - bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin. A great after dinner or anytime tea, made to be shared.

Recommendations: Use 1 level tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh water to a roaring boil; let steep 3 min. Try with milk and rock sugar.
Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot, citrus flavoring 

Health Benefits: Black tea is a powerful source of anti-oxidants that can slow down the aging process and help prevent a wide variety of diseases. Medical research suggests that black tea can assist in lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar. Much lower in caffeine than coffee, black tea gently stimulates the heart and circulatory system. By keeping blood vessels soft and lowering blood pressure, black tea can help prevent heart disease and strokes.
Each 4 oz bag is only $6, or all 4 teas for only $20!
Tea; the last affordable luxury!
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