Thursday, February 25, 2010

Natural Peels and Facial Masks!

Natural Skin Peels and Natural Alpha Hydroxy
Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) skin care products are easy to make at home because they are made of fruit and other ingredients we may have in the frig or kitchen cupboards.
Fruit acids are great for the skin because they loosen the glue
between dead skin cells, and the cells fall away, leaving the face very
smooth and soft. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to produce fabulous
results for your skin that you would imagine only the most expensive and
sophisticated products you could buy could do. Not only that, but AHAs are
found in fruit and vegetables you may already have in your kitchen or growing
in your garden, so you don?t need to worry about any synthetic chemicals that
may cause harm. The famed beauty Cleopatra unknowingly used the benefit of
AHAs on her skin when she bathed in milk. Try any of the following fruit
acids, but always take care to avoid your eyes. Avoid using these homemade
peels if your skin is sunburned, and before going into the sun.
Malic acid: Apples, vinegar, applesauce, cider

Lactic acid: Buttermilk, yogurt, powdered skim milk, sour cream,
blackberries, tomatoes

Tartaric Acid: Grapes, grape juice, wine, cream of tartar

Citric Acid: Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, grapefruit, and orange

Glycolic acid: Sugar cane

All you need is about one half a teaspoon of liquid per face cleansing. You
can freshly squeeze the juice of one lemon, for example, and refrigerate the
leftovers for the rest of the week. Just dab some of the juice onto your
fingers and pat on your face. Leave on for 10 minutes or so before rinsing.
If you are in a rush, just cut a grape or strawberry in half-whatever you
happen to have on hand-and rub it over your skin; let the juice set for a few
minutes, and then rinse.

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